Case Study: Cloud Enablement

Case Study: Cloud Enablement

Industry: National Health Service Provider

Timeline: 6 weeks

Investment: $65,000

Time to Business Functionality: 13X reduction

Projected Savings: 45% for operating costs

Sponsor: SVP of Patient Services


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Line of Business (LOB) Leadership
  • IT Leadership

Challenge: National Health Service provider with distributed divisions looking to drive and accelerate cloud enablement across multiple lines of business

Solution: Cloud Enablement

  • Collaborated with IT and LOB stakeholders to align business goals with public cloud native services
  • Identified 10 strategic architecture decisions and their implications to enable cloud in scale across multiple public cloud providers while promoting cloud native platforms
  • Designed the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), governance and architectural roadmap


  • Implementation of a variable cost model to correlate business growth with operational expenditures
  • Designed a resilient cloud native architecture eliminating single blast zones and implement defense in depth protections
  • Promotion of three major categories of cloud cost optimization: Risk, Usage, and Functional/Architectural


  • Cloud Enablement in scale to proactively support the aggressive acquisition and divestiture pace of the business
  • Developed capabilities to support 20x organic business growth over 3 years with OPEX growing relatively to business growth (profitability)
  • Shortening time to business functionality across multiple lines of business and solution areas (from ~6 months to 2 weeks)

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