Customer Success Story: Darktrace’s Email Helped to Secure & Provide a Holistic View of AMOCO’s Environment

"So it's very, very smart. For us, we don't we don't have a large IT team. So ease of use is very important to us. And it just works. It's more plug and play, read your alerts, investigate where you need to, but it makes it very easy. "

AMOCO Federal Credit Union (FCU) is based in the Houston, Texas area, where the state’s oil and natural gas thrives along the Gulf Coast. Serving nearly 93,000 members, the credit union’s reputation for impeccable service and a focus on developing trusted relationships among its members and its own team have earned it accolades and, more significantly, member-driven referrals.

Check out how Darktrace Antigena helped to secure and provide a holistic view of AMOCO Federal Credit Union’s environment.  The primary reason for bringing Darktrace in was to better secure and get better visibility into the network. It was a very easy install, very seamless, immediately started triggering alarms, easy to easy to manage easy to easy to read into easy to get packet captures easy to get those alerts, and the email functions are amazing.

Since implementing the Darktrace Antigena email solution, we’ve  significantly decreased our phishing emails, especially the spoofing emails into our network.

Threats have evolved. It’s time your email security evolves too. Darktrace/Email uses core Self-Learning AI to stop the most advanced email threats, intervening to protect employees from the full range of threats targeting the inbox.

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"Mobius is a trusted partner. To me that’s the most important part is the trust. I know they’re going to get the job done. I know they’re not going oversell me on anything. It’s been a great partnership. Most of the VARs we’ve come across are focused on the “R”- the Resell. Möbius is really focused on the value add. They really are a partner. When I tell my boss that I’m getting over to Möbius he feels a lot better.”


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