Möbius Partners and Jamail & Smith Construction:

Complete System Upgrade Under Deadline Pressure


  • Outdated hardware and software
  • Poor application performance
  • Overall system instability
  • Productivity loss on a daily basis


  • VMware Horizon VDI solution
  • Windows10 Pro with Office 365 VDI platform


  • 100% compatibility across all apps
  • Better interoperability and remote delivery of LOB apps
  • Faster deployment of VDIs
  • Mitigated frustration across varied platforms
  • Increased productivity and greater reliability

Jamail & Smith Construction is a heavily technology-driven organization that requires an advanced application stack to support the company’s multiple locations and remote workforce. Unfortunately, the company faced a technology dilemma: its accounting system’s infrastructure – both hardware and software – was too outdated to accommodate the tax codes and other updates needed for year-end accounting and closure. Additionally, the company users were suffering from poor application performance and overall system instability, resulting in significant productivity loss on a daily basis.

The customer was looking at various options for remote application delivery. Jamail & Smith had prior experience with other platforms, but found them to be lacking in terms of feature set and compatibility with certain business applications. Ultimately, the VMware Horizon VDI solution yielded 100% compatibility across the board. Even some applications that were not slated to be  virtualized have been successfully converted to the VDI infrastructure for greater customer adoption of the overall platform.

Möbius Partners migrated Jamail & Smith’s system from an end-of-life Windows7 with Office 2010 platform to a state-of-the-art Windows10 Pro with Office 365 VDI platform for better interoperability and remote delivery of Line-of-Business (LOB) applications. The customer is enjoying faster deployment because new users/VDIs can be provisioned in minutes instead of hours, allowing them to be very responsive to new hires and employee setups. They are also extremely pleased with their ability to use a mixture of devices to connect – PCs, Mac, Laptops, tablets and some smartphones – as it has improved the employee experience
and has mitigated frustration.

Now that Jamail & Smith uses the latest versions of their LOB applications on a much faster and more reliable VDI platform, employees across the company’s various locations are realizing increased productivity and greater reliability.

“Our previous virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was very problematic and inefficient for our employees, costing us time and money. We were also stuck on old versions of our critical applications and were unable to upgrade to utilize important new features. Möbius Partners built a new VDI platform and brought us up to the latest versions of our important applications. The system has proven to be reliable and fast, creating a great employee experience and ultimately allowing us to better serve our customers. The before-and-after has been transformational for our organization. Möbius really knocked it out of the park!”

– Jim Jamail, President

Möbius Partners always appreciates the opportunity to provide our clients with unique solutions to their needs, and Jamail & Smith is no exception. More importantly, they value the trust their staff placed in the Möbius Team, and look forward to supporting Jamail & Smith for years to come.

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