Möbius Partners SupportLink

MP SupportLink is Mobius Partner’s proactive support contract management solution. It has revolutionized how your IT department can manage your service and support contracts.

MP SupportLink:

  • Creates a single information repository of all of your equipment, software and support, accessible 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Tracks all your hardware assets (servers, storage, network, etc.) by serial number or by any assigned name you attach to it.
  • Manages all IT vendor contractswarranty expirationslicense management and license transfers for decommissioned systems.
  • Allows you to set up each user independently to only have access to their specific environment.
  • Provides the capacity for your different departments to internally communicatememorialize and manage changes to equipment and licenses.
  • Automatically sends out comprehensive reports to help you better manage and budget your IT expenditures.
  • Let’s you add custom fields to capture your own specific information on your assets.
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To learn more about how MP SupportLink can help your company or to schedule a demo, please contact your dedicated Support Manager, Melissa Asvestas.

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