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Protect Your Enterprise from Increasing Cyber Threats

Combine storage, data protection, and business continuity for end-to-end security.

The proliferation of bring your own devices (BYOD) in the workforce, the expanding use of shadow IT, and rapidly changing cyber threats have created a perfect storm of security challenges for today’s enterprises. Many companies are scrambling to find all the potential ways that cyber criminals can get access to their networks. However, without the right security partner to help them create an end-to-end security solution, companies risk data loss that can have devastating operational, financial, and legal implications.

Möbius Partners brings together industry-leading providers and products to deliver proactive security solutions tailored to your unique business end environment and workflow. We help you create and execute end-to-end security strategies to identify threats and minimize their impact on your business. We also provide the emerging technologies, deduplication, backup and recovery processes, regulatory compliance support, and business continuity to keep operations running 24/7.

Security Solutions

Möbius Partners taps into a diverse partner ecosystem to provide complete, next-generation security and business continuity solutions over a wide range of industries. Our solutions help enterprises anticipate and deflect attacks targeting digital assets. And our senior-level security teams bring decades of experience to keep your organization protected and ready to respond to threats.

Vulnerability Management/PCI Scanning/Penetration Testing

Vulnerability management is key to defending against growing threats to your organization. Our vulnerability management service offers scanning technology and expert insight to engineer, configure and deploy the solution. We also ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations, as well as a robust data security program to continually improve your security culture and minimize the risk of a data breach. Plus, our penetration testing provides a clear view of potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited to compromise your sensitive information.

Application Security

Applications are prime targets for today’s enterprise cyber-attacks. Whether your apps are created in-house, by a third party, open source, or off the shelf, they must be thoroughly examined and tested to ensure protection against external threats. Our automated application testing also includes code analysis to help developers eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software. And our application security solutions cover all your software security requirements, including mobile app and web security as well as developing a Software Security Assurance Program so security part of your development life cycle.

Data Security and Encryption

Data security and encryption solutions safeguard your data throughout its entire lifecycle, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or in mobile environments. We work with our partner ecosystem to deliver advanced encryption, tokenization, and key management. These solutions protect sensitive data across applications, data processing, cloud, payments ecosystems, mission-critical transactions, storage, and big data platforms.

Möbius Partners Advantages

We collaborate with you to gain insights about your organization and then develop security strategies that drive successful results. We help you achieve the security solutions required to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business environment—and to deliver new products and services.

  • Expertise: Highly skilled, senior-level IT security experts and resources.
  • Proven Success: Experience deploying, managing and maintaining security solutions across industries.
  • High Value: Solutions that can pay for themselves before the project is complete.

Proof Point: Leading Food & Beverage Co. and Top Grocer Bolster Cyber Security

Möbius Partners worked with a global food and beverage company to identify mobile application vulnerabilities and create a strategy to incorporate security across the entire development lifecycle. We also helped a leading grocery chain establish a network access control strategy that dynamically evaluates endpoint security posture to ensure safe access.

Learn more about how Möbius Partners security solutions can protect your organization from increasing cyber threats. Contact Practice Manager, Shannon Gillenwater at 210.865.0451 or


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