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Möbius Partners Acquires neGma Business Solutions

“We are excited to welcome neGma to the Möbius Partners family,” said Junab Ali, co-founder and president. “Incorporating their resources, capabilities, and industry expertise reinforces the best-in-class service we provide to our customers to help them navigate the complexities of IT, security, and compliance issues.”

Click here for the press release or here to see our expertise.

Expert Series: Making Passwords Legacy Tech with Passwordless Logins

Password policies, MFA and biometrics have finally secured all our accounts, right? No! Compromising passwords through phishing, social engineering and other nefarious methods are still one of the leading causes of security breaches. How do we fix it? Hear our experts break down Passwordless Logins. Tune in here:

Technical Expert Series:Cyber Security Mesh Architecture (CSMA)

According to Gartner’s predictions, “By 2024, organizations adopting a CSMA will reduce the financial impact of security incidents by an average of 90%.”

CSMA is a network design that helps to protect an organization’s data and systems from cyber threats. Tune in on demand to find out key considerations and benefits, who needs to be involved and pitfalls to avoid:

Security Operations or Not: The Business Impact of Detection and Response

In today’s world of rapidly evolving cyber threats, organizations need to deploy security operations (SecOps) to protect themselves. But what impact can organizations expect from their security operations practice?  Hear our experts explore on demand here.

Technical Expert Series: Network as a Service (NaaS) - ON DEMAND

Until now, networking has been the last frontier for a consumption model due to the on-premises necessity and use case. But how does that work? Is it really pay for what you use and as elastic as we expect from As-A-Service? With our brand-new Technical Expert Series, Groovers discuss what it is, benefits, key considerations, etc.

Best Company in Texas!

It was awesome to be named #1 small employer and #2 company overall in Texas by Texas Association of Business along with the #2 Best Places to Work in San Antonio. We are proud of our Groovers that work so hard to keep our customers happy. 

We’re hiring! Click here to see a list of open positions. 

New Industry Guidelines: How Years of Ransomware Attacks is Changing Insurance Requirements

As the cyber insurance marketplace evolves, organizations should select insurers carefully. The true test of the relationship will come in the event of a claim, of course, but taking these considerations into account will increase the chances that the relationship will be as strong as it needs to be should an unfortunate incident arise. See replay here.

An interconnected set of AI products that deliver proactive cyber security to help pre-empt future cyber-attacks

The Darktrace PREVENT empowers the CISO and security staff to become an AI-powered Red Team, simulating attacks, identifying critical assets, and testing pathways of vulnerability, then shoring up defenses to prevent attackers from reaching vital systems and data. In short, PREVENT:
Hardens security proactively
• Identifies and prioritizes risks
• Emulates attacks to test vulnerabilities
• Helps organizations meet NIST and other regulations
To find out more or set up a Proof of Value (POV),

"Backup and Restore Active Directory insanely quickly." - VP of IT and IS

During internal risk assessments, AMOCO realized needed to further secure their AD. Mobius helped deploy the Purple Knight tool to identify vulnerabilities in <15 minutes. Working with AMOCO to remediate the vulnerabilities, we introduced DSP to further protect AD giving peace of mind that everything is secure. 

Optimize While You Wait

If you’re frustrated by waiting on data center gear due to supply chain constraints and paying ever-increasing prices, then you should consider an infrastructure assessment to ensure you’ve optimized your workloads. Möbius Partners’ unique methodology combined with our effective tools can give you insight to extend your existing investment and delay purchasing new equipment:

  • Analyze and optimize workload placement on an existing platform while increasing performance by 25%
  • Select workloads appropriate for placement in the cloud and develop a roadmap to migrate
  • Pinpoint incremental upgrades to existing environment such as memory and disk to increase workload density by 30%
  • Identify consumption-based solutions instead of capital purchases such as HPE GreenLake and Networking-as-a-Service

To get started or learn more email us here or check out our assessments here.

Simplify Your Support Needs with 3rd Party Maintenance

With lead times on new hardware at record highs, organizations are having to make their current end-of-life (EOL) hardware last longer than anticipated. Third-party maintenance can help add a sense of security while waiting for that new hardware to arrive.

Organizations are always under pressure to minimize and reduce recurring costs. Maintenance tends to be a major chunk of those recurring annual costs – as much as 15% to 25% of total IT budgets. As budgets for 2023 are in the works this time of year, looking at third-party maintenance as an option could help organizations meet those cost reductions. Third-party maintenance can simplify our support needs by consolidating hardware maintenance requirements with a single service provider. Questions?

Expert Webinar Series: Breaking Down Networking as a Service (NaaS)

Anyone else need clarification on Networking as a Service? Until now, networking has been the last frontier for this consumption model due to the on-prem necessity and use case, but how does that work? Is it really pay for what you use and elastic as we expect from As-A-Service? Find out what it is, benefits, key considerations and more here.  Available in video or podcast.

Is Supplier Diversity a priority for your organization?

Möbius is a certified minority/HUB. Supplier diversity reflects positively on a company’s values and demonstrates a commitment to encouraging growth, generating economic opportunities, and stimulating innovation. Our certs include: SMSDC  NMSDC, Texas DIR HPE ResellerHistorically Underutilized Business (HUB) more here.

Success Story with Darktrace AI Email Solution

Check out how Darktrace Antigena helped to secure and provide a holistic view of AMOCO‘s environment.

“It’s very, very smart. For us, we don’t we don’t have a large IT team. So ease of use is very important to us. And it just works.” – VP of IS & IT

Journey to the Cloud Considerations

 If you’re like most, your organization has begun the journey to the cloud. While the providers have made it easy to use their portal and spin up workloads quickly, that often can create new problems and simply move old problems, as well.  Here are some considerations: operations and life cycle management, data gravity and workload selection, data governance, compliance and security, choosing a provider. Click here to dig a little deeper.

If you’re dealing with any concerns on your cloud journey, then let us help. Our Cloud Architects will analyze your business needs and establish the best strategy along with a roadmap to get there. Contact us today at to get started! Check out our cloud practice here.

Technical Rockstar Joins as a Senior Solutions Architect

With over 25 years of customer and partner IT experience, Kyle is an experienced Virtualization expert. Kyle achieved the highly sought-after VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification. He was the 48th person to receive it (<300 certified globally). Kyle will assess business needs, IT design, and implement solutions to provide positive business outcomes for our customers. Connect on LinkedIn here

KyleNewHire - Copy

Customer Success Securing Active Directory with Semperis

 During internal risk assessments, AMOCO realized they needed to further secure AD. Möbius deployed the assessment tool to identify vulnerabilities in <15 min. We remediated and introduced Directory Services Protector giving peace of mind that AD is secure. See more here.

Darktrace’s Antigena is the highest rated Email Security vendor - 100% recommendation rate.

Gartner Peer Reviews here. We have an opt in trial where we can do a side by side comparison of your current solution vs Darktrace. Set up takes 10 minutes and in a week we’ll demo how our advanced AI approach will identify and action subtle threats your current tools may have missed. if you’re interested. 

cyber attacks start in the inbox -Darktrace

Are your data security policies putting your company at risk?

Each year, tens of millions of Blancco erasures allow top-tier organizations to protect their sensitive data, allowing them to safely redeploy, re-market or donate IT assets, while firmly complying with industry regulatory compliance mandates. Are you using old school data sanitization methods? See how we can help in this video.

Looking for a new podcast? Check out ours!

If you haven’t discovered our podcast yet, check it out here!

Secrets to Success: Real Insights Into One Business’ Transformation Journey – Enabling business outcomes is the goal for all IT organizations, but it’s much easier said than done. Kishore Koduri, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Resilience, Enterprise Integration Services and Agile Office at Ameren, has had tremendous success achieving those outcomes and he shares tips and advice for others on their transformation journey. Tune in here.

Facing Current IT Challenges and Leading with Empathy – You need to lead with empathy. That’s how Marcus Manning leads as Chief Technology Officer at Smart Financial Credit Union, where he is learning new strategies for accommodating the post-pandemic professional world. Listen here.

Guiding The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Warriors – Joshua Brown, CISO at H&R Block, has been in IT for 25 years. It’s safe to say he knows his way around the cybersecurity landscape. Joshua shared his view on how to adapt to change, revitalize processes, and train the next cybersecurity leaders. Click here to see episode page.

How IT Enables Mergers & Acquisitions in Healthcare – John Ragsdale, Founder and CEO of theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, John is an M&A expert in the healthcare industry with a long track record of success. He joins to discuss why IT is the ultimate enabler for that success. Listen here.


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