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Is Supplier Diversity a priority for your organization?

Möbius Partners is a certified minority/HUB supplier. Supplier diversity reflects positively on a company’s values and demonstrates a commitment to encouraging growth, generating economic opportunities, and stimulating innovation. Our certifications include: SMSDC – affiliated with NMSDCTexas DIR HPE ResellerHistorically Underutilized Business (HUB) more here.

Journey to the Cloud Considerations

If you’re like most, your organization has begun the journey to the cloud. While the providers have made it easy to use their portal and spin up workloads quickly, that often can create new problems and simply move old problems, as well.  Here are some considerations: operations and life cycle management, data gravity and workload selection, data governance, compliance and security, choosing a provider. Click here to dig a little deeper.
If you’re dealing with any concerns on your cloud journey, then let us help. Our Cloud Architects will analyze your business needs and establish the best strategy along with a roadmap to get there. Contact us today at to get started! Check out our cloud practice here.

Customer Success Securing Active Directory with Semperis

During internal risk assessments, AMOCO realized they needed to further secure AD. Möbius deployed the assessment tool to identify vulnerabilities in <15 min. We remediated and introduced Directory Services Protector giving peace of mind that AD is secure. See more here.

Did you know 94% of cyber attacks originate in the inbox?

Darktrace’s solution Antigena Email is the highest rated Email Security vendor on Gartner, with a 100% recommendation rate. Antigena Email when put head-to-head with a market leader identified 30% more impersonation attacks with minimal effort in tuning the product.” Gartner Peer Reviews here.

We have an opt in trial where we can do a side by side comparison of your current solution vs Darktrace. The key goal is demonstrate how our advanced AI approach will identify and action subtle threats missed by your current security tools.    

Email if you’re interested. It takes 10 minutes to set up and we’ll be able to show you the value in a week. 

Are your data security policies putting your company at risk?

Blancco provides organizations with secure, compliant, and automated software solutions that protects end of life data and assets against unauthorized access. Each year, tens of millions of Blancco erasures allow top-tier organizations to protect their sensitive data, allowing them to safely redeploy, re-market or donate IT assets, while firmly complying with industry regulatory compliance mandates.

Are you using old school data sanitization methods? See how we can help in this video.

Looking for a new podcast? 

If you haven’t discovered our podcast yet, check it out here!

Secrets to Success: Real Insights Into One Business’ Transformation Journey – Enabling business outcomes is the goal for all IT organizations, but it’s much easier said than done. Kishore Koduri, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Resilience, Enterprise Integration Services and Agile Office at Ameren, has had tremendous success achieving those outcomes and he shares tips and advice for others on their transformation journey. Tune in here.

Facing Current IT Challenges and Leading with Empathy – You need to lead with empathy. That’s how Marcus Manning leads as Chief Technology Officer at Smart Financial Credit Union, where he is learning new strategies for accommodating the post-pandemic professional world. Listen here.

Guiding The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Warriors – Joshua Brown, CISO at H&R Block, has been in IT for 25 years. It’s safe to say he knows his way around the cybersecurity landscape. Joshua shared his view on how to adapt to change, revitalize processes, and train the next cybersecurity leaders. Click here to see episode page.

How IT Enables Mergers & Acquisitions in Healthcare – John Ragsdale, Founder and CEO of theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations, John is an M&A expert in the healthcare industry with a long track record of success. He joins to discuss why IT is the ultimate enabler for that success. Listen here.

Highlights from recent HPE Greenlake Announcement

– Simplified and unified experience, new cloud services and expanded ecosystem
– Streamlined cloud services within for Aruba, easier to procure, deploy and manage.
– Enhancements for High Performance compute with faster deployment to mission critical apps
– Block Storage with self service provisioning and faster deployment
– Enhancements to HPE Backup and Recovery Service
– GreenLake for Compute Ops Management, with application to access, monitor and manage up to 10K servers, the entire lifecycle, from the cloud
– GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, running on GL Lighthouse with managed Services
– New global partnership with Digital Realty

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