Successful Disaster Recovery Mission with iland DR at Friede & Goldman

Friede & Goldman (FNG) is a leading engineering and design firm in the oil industry based in Houston. About a year after partnering with Möbius, FNG suffered a primary controller failure in their SAN and were running solely on the secondary. On a Saturday around 7:30am the building had a major power event that took out building components including elevators and other services. FNG took a big hit and lost their UPS, SAN storage, ESXi hosts, and physical on-prem servers.

Since they already had iland DR in place, it was just a matter of doing an emergency failover to get the production environment up and running and full functionality within a few hours. None of our employees noticed any difference in functionality. Because we had implemented Mimecast message continuity for email, no messages were lost during the transition to the cloud environment. Möbius has helped set up F&G’s VPN, email continuity, deploy a new Wi-Fi system using FortiGate, appliances, new firewall, implemented office 365 and Exchange Online, and more.

Next steps are to complete the setup of our system with full cloud hosted solution through iland.

“Scott and the Möbius team have been very responsive and we’re very comfortable working with them. And we’re very confident that their abilities to help us grow as a company.” – Dan Rodriguez, IT Manager. If you need help with your cloud or backup environment, we can help. or visit

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