Utility Customer Success Story: Networking Monitoring & Automation

High visibility and deep listening result in maximum value.

Möbius Partners is fortunate to have worked with a large electric and natural gas utility company for more than 12 years, leading to a relationship that has provided us with a deep understanding of the company’s challenges as well as its technology requirements. To serve as a true partner, our team asks critical questions, listens intently to what the customer wants to accomplish, identifies their unique pain points and then works collaboratively to arrive at a solution.

Most recently, the customer wanted to gain better visibility into its network in order to optimally configure and manage a large number of dynamic network devices. They also wanted to incorporate efficient monitoring protocols for energy use, outages and metering in order to ensure its infrastructure stayed reliable. By leveraging discovery tools and custom reports, Möbius Partners was able to provide the level of visibility the company needed and wanted. With that insight, we worked alongside their team to design and implement a solution using Networking Monitoring and Network Automation that allowed the operations team to efficiently scale to  support of the Advanced Metering System (AMS) by providing fault, configuration, performance and availability insights.  The AMS monitoring ensures Observerability of the utility delivery system and allows the customer achieve business value by avoiding over 17 million truck dispatches.

Because we take the time to understand our customers and their end goals, we are able to help them drive the maximum value out of their investments and be successful.

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