2019 VMworld Updates

Our team attended VMworld 2019 in August and returned with new perspectives and information on how to tackle IT challenges and support our customers in innovative ways. Here are some of the bigger announcements that will continue to fuel digital transformation for our enterprise customers.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Announces CTO Changes

Greg Lavender will become VMware’s CTO and Ray O’Farrell will transition to lead the company’s “cloud-native efforts”

VMware Tanzu Mission Control

VMware helps customers build modern applications. Kubernetes cluster control whether in your datacenter, on the public cloud or at the edge you can gain control from one place within VMware Tanzu Mission Control. Policies can be applied at a cluster level, centralized authentication, API driven workloads and managed named spaces. You can provision new clusters or attach existing clusters, enforce networking, security, access and backup and recovery policies. Introducing VMware Tanzu

VMware and Kubernetes

VMware Enterprise PKS (Pivotal Container Service) is a jointly developed product offered by VMware and Pivotal today. This gives the user a self-service of Kubernetes at scale. Aside from the partnership VMware confirmed the acquisition of Pivotal. VMware also announced Project Pacific VMware’s vSphere platform will be capable of native Kubernetes. With Project Pacific VMware wants organizations to leverage their existing investments in tools, processes and skillset and support both existing and modern apps on a single platform. Project Pacific will offer the best implementation of Kubernetes in a future release of vSphere. The integration of Kubernetes and vSphere is happening at the API and UI layers, but also the core virtualization layer as ESXi will run Kubernetes natively.

How does Project Pacific’s support for Kubernetes Clusters compare to VMware PKS?

Project Pacific is aligned with VMware PKS in a mission to build a consistent implementation of open source Kubernetes across environments (a grid that makes Kubernetes capability as available as a utility like electricity). Project Pacific will offer the best implementation of Kubernetes in a future release of vSphere. VMware PKS offers the best implementation of Kubernetes across current releases of vSphere, public clouds and edge environments. Project Pacific Demo

Employee Experience

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is integrating an AI-powered Virtual Assistant, enabled with IBM Watson. It can give guided assistance to answers on the organization’s Intranet or drive-specific workflows like ordering and registering new devices, configuring wi-fi, managing service desk tickets and more.

New Workspace ONE “Digital Employee Experience Management” leverages UEM, Intelligence, and Aptelligent technologies to bring together hardware, OS and application performance data, enabling IT to proactively identify and automatically remediate potential performance issues before they impact the computing experience.

Multi-Cloud Virtual Desktops

New VMware Horizon image, app and lifecycle services will cross a single Horizon control plane, delivering improved administration, app deployment and performance monitoring for desktops and apps across multiple clouds.

Complete desktop hybridity arrives through automated session brokering across multi-site and multi-cloud environments.

Horizon Cloud for Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) was announced and is to be available in tech preview by the end of calendar 2019.

VMware is bringing together Horizon with the recently acquired Avi Networks to improve load-balancing services.

New VMware Subscription Upgrade Program for Horizon enables Horizon 7 customers to upgrade existing perpetual licenses to Horizon Universal License at a price reflecting the additional value, allowing them to deploy anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud.


VMware announced they are acquiring Carbon Black on August 22nd. VMware has a vision to create a modern security platform for any app, running on any cloud, delivered to any device. Customers want more security and to spend less on security. VMware is going to deliver a complete end-to-end from the application, across the network and to the endpoint. Carbon Black will exist as an independent business unit within VMware.

New Trust Network integrations are GA for Lookout, Carbon Black and Netskope to incorporate third-party risk information into Workspace ONE Intelligence.

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