möbius methodology


Assess – Identify Your Vision

Our Customer’s Digital Transformation begins with assessing their current state and discussing their vision for the future. This discovery process assists in determining the best approach and solution to support their organizational objectives. The result of this analysis is a set of high-level requirements to meet the strategic goals, tactical objectives, or address immediate operational issues. These requirements help Mobius Partners determine which tools, technologies, and services best address your distinct situation.


  • Work with customer to evaluate environment and identify opportunities for transformation
  • Clearly define business objectives to be addressed and outline the best solution
  • Help the business/technology owner tell the story to be presented for approval
  • Finalize the proposed solution and develop initial plans for implementation


  • Budgetary Estimate with high-level scope, proposed approach and initial estimates
  • Complete solutioning with finalized scope, budget and timeline

Architect – Refine Your Solution

Möbius Partners will define an IT systems architecture and roadmap to support the realization of your strategy and objectives. Through this process, we further evaluate your organizational needs and the best-of-breed technology available before defining a solution to meet your vision and objectives. This crucial practice enables us to build robust solutions that are the right fit for our customers.


  • Introduce engagement objectives to key stakeholders and share the initial plan
  • Review environment and validate assumptions identified for engagement
  • Detailed analysis and prioritization of functional and technical requirements
  • Architecture and design activities to define the details of the solution proposed


  • Communication Plan, including Project Kick-off and appropriate stand-up cadence
  • Approved Functional and Technical Requirements as defined
  • Conceptual Design for solution implementation

Transform – Implement Your Solution

Transformation from the strategic plan and IT systems architecture into operationalization is the process where ideas become reality. Möbius takes your strategic plan and puts boots on the ground to make it a reality in a means that can be supported into the future. Our approach provides for appropriate checkpoints to communicate progress and engagement with your resources to ensure appropriate knowledge transfer.


  • Work begins to implement the solution and iron out the exact details
  • Take an iterative approach using achievable short term targets
  • Drive accountability with appropriate checkpoints and constant communication
  • Identify specific test scenarios and test cases to verify the solution meets your needs
  • All initial validation activities occur to confirm readiness for implementation


  • Detailed design documentation specifying the solution being implemented
  • Results documented of defined test scenarios
  • Completed solution to be implemented to meet your objectives

Transition – Ensure Your Satisfaction

While this may be the shortest activity of our process, it is arguably the most important. Ensuring that Möbius has met your expectations is our ultimate goal. Möbius will work with your team to ensure a successful deployment of the identified solution with knowledge transfer and will stick around long enough to support any immediate needs. When all the dust clears, Möbius will review the overall engagement and discuss lessons learned and best practice so we all learn and grow from the experience.


  • Meet with key stakeholders to review completed activities and assess business readiness
  • Finalize all deployment activities to realize the benefits of the objectives set forth
  • Complete knowledge transfer to customer resources to facilitate solution going forward
  • Conduct lessons learned activities to provide customer with recommendations for improving effectiveness


  • Complete solution deployed and validated to meet objectives for the engagement
  • Knowledge transfer activities to ensure your supportability of the solution
  • Final customer acceptance and sign-off

Möbi-ize – Continue Your Evolution

Whether continuing with your current solution or looking to progress down the transformation road with us, Möbius continues to provide the expertise and desire to ensure your success after the engagement. We take our relationships personally and continue the efforts to identify new technologies to better serve your unique environment.


  • Engagement team will follow-up 30 days after completion to ensure continued success
  • Technical experts will continue to monitor new trends and technologies to keep you informed
  • Your account team will work to identify additional opportunities for transformation


  • Follow-up meetings to validate success and discuss further optimization and transformation

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