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Rest Assured Your Data is Secured

Möbius Partners delivers end-to-end risk management strategies tailored to each client’s unique business environment and workflow in order to identify threats and minimize their impact. It usually starts with a Consolidated Risk Report to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate internal and external threats to our clients’ systems and data. Click here for the details.

“We were able to harden our Active Directory like never before – making sure it’s absolutely secure.” – VP of IT at AMOCO Federal Credit Union

During internal risk assessments, AMOCO realized they had some work to do to secure Active Directory. Mobius Partners helped deploy the Semperis Purple Knight tool to identify vulnerabilities on AD in less than 15 minutes. We worked with AMOCO to remediate the vulnerabilities and introduced Directory Services Protector (DSP) to further protect their AD giving peace of mind that everything is secure. Purple Knight is a security vulnerability scanning engine for AD to quickly find all “Indicators of Exposure” and “Indicators of Compromise.” Best of all, it’s free and easy! Find out more:

Simplify Your Support Needs and Save

Maintenance contracts tend to be a major chunk of recurring annual costs – as much as 15% to 25% of total IT budgets. As budgets are frozen or slashed, looking at third-party maintenance as an option could help organizations meet those cost reductions. Third-party maintenance can simplify our support needs by consolidating hardware maintenance requirements with a single service provider. Want to check out a quote? All we would need is an inventory list of proposed equipment.

Stop Chasing AD Attach paths. Focus on your Tier 0 perimeter

In a typical organization’s Active Directory, there are literally millions of attack paths an adversary can take to arrive at domain dominance. The problem is clear – excessive privileges—but sifting through every group and user relationship is an impossible task. Forest Druid flips the script—taking an inside-out approach to attack path management. Forest Druid focuses on attack paths leading into the Tier 0 perimeter — saving time and resources by prioritizing your most critical assets. Email to find out more about this free assessment.

Digital Workspace Maturity Assessment – identify gaps and mitigate risk

Our quick assessment provides valuable insights into your environment, including recommendations around improving application and access management, secure productivity apps, zero-trust security, and endpoint compliance. Get Personalized recommendations around your workspace capabilities by completing the assessment now. Click here to get started.

Optimize While You Wait

Our infrastructure assessment ensures you’ve optimized your workloads. Our unique methodology combined with effective tools can give you insight as to if you can extend your existing investment and delay purchasing new equipment:

  • Analyze and optimize workload placement on an existing platform while increasing performance by 25%
  • Select workloads appropriate for placement in the cloud and develop a roadmap to migrate
  • Pinpoint incremental upgrades to existing environment such as memory and disk to increase workload density by 30%
  • Identify consumption-based solutions instead of capital purchases such as HPE GreenLake and Networking-as-a-Service

To get started or learn more email us here or check out more cloud assessments here.

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We wanted to implement virtual machines as a test platform to see if it was appropriate for our organization. Möbius Partners listened to what we wanted to accomplish and kept us on track. They are strategic in their approach and recommendations. They advised us of adjustments needed to accommodate possible future expansions."

Jeff Carter|Director of Operations|Life Outreach International|

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