Case Study: Infrastructure Optimization

Industry: Healthcare System

Timeline: 9 weeks

Scope: 85 operating environments

Investment: $75,000

Realized Savings: $1.06M (45%)

ROI: 1,408%

Sponsor: CIO


  • VP, Clinical IT
  • Procurement, Finance
  • IT Leadership
  • Enterprise Leadership

Opportunity: A leading Health System’s IT department was challenged with an unplanned expenditure to migrate their EMR/EHR environment. The CIO needed solutions to uncover wasted funds within the IT budget to maintain staff and complete the initiative.

Solution: Data Center Optimization Services

  • Electronic inventory of environment (installed vs. utilized)
  • Asset and Financial Repository with BI capability and user customizable dashboards:
    • Current vs. Options Analysis
    • Savings by Category (e.g. Hardware, Maintenance, Software, Labor, Facilities)
    • Economics
  • Consolidation & Optimization Recommendations
  • Provided both strategic architecture guidance
  • Tactical configuration support to drive out unnecessary costs


  • Identified ample funds to replace 6-year-old environment and fund migration program
  • Eliminated risks associated with existing facility and lack of fault tolerance
  • Simplified environment by reducing operating footprint
  • Avoided prolonged outage of physical relocation
  • Exceeded CIO savings target by 3x


  • Reduced environment from 85 physical servers to 6
  • Reduced hardware maintenance by 97%
  • Reduced software licensing by 65%
  • Reduced power/cooling costs by 93%
  • Reduced FTE costs by 25% to support environment, staff was retained and refocused on strategic initiatives

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