Case Study: Cloud Placement, Migration and Transformation

Industry: Healthcare

Timeline: 16 months, first results in 3 months

ROI: 13X

Investment: $780,000

Sponsor: CIO


  • Executives & C-suite
  • Institute Board
  • IT, Business Liaisons, Lines of Business

Challenge: University Teaching, research and primary care institute (R1) with a distributed IT model needed to complete a complex transformation with no impact to patient services.

Solution: Cloud Placement, Migration & Transformation Services
Provided and end-to-end solution utilizing fast lane for selected apps to gain quick results
• 6 DC’s and 20 sites to primary and disaster recovery DC’s, public and private Cloud
• 276 applications
• 1,450 operating system environments
• 390 physical assets

• $8,000,000 recurring expense savings
• $4,000,000 one time expense savings (year one)
• 18% savings overall per workload

New mixed mode operating model meeting growth, flexibility, compliance and cost requirements.
• Compliance violations remediated (HIPAA, PCI, FDCA)
• Improved MTTR for support organizations
• Returned valuable real estate to the Institute
• Documented placement rules for on-prem and cloud
• Major reduction in complexity and cost of IT
• New capability for explosive growth in data/analytics

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