Journey to the Cloud Considerations

If you’re like most, your organization has begun the journey to the cloud. While the providers have made it easy to use their portal and spin up workloads quickly, that often can create new problems and simply move old problems, as well.

1. Operations and Life Cycle Management
Dealing with VM sprawl in the cloud is a challenge just like in your data center except now you’re paying thousands of dollars a month each for them.
→ How do you make sure the workloads there are still really needed?
Your operational methodologies and tools need to automate life cycle management to ensure that you’re only paying for what you need.

2. Data Gravity and Workload Selection
Is the cloud really the best place for that workload?
→ While many advantages of cloud may still be applicable like easy scaling, the cloud may not be the right choice for some workloads due to the flow of data from the workload going back on-prem. Or dependencies with other systems might have adverse on them that wasn’t predictable.

3. Data Governance, Compliance and Security
Moving workloads to the cloud doesn’t relieve you of any existing policy and security requirements and likely has brought on new ones.
→ Does your cloud strategy include enhanced policies and processes to ensure you’re still compliant and protected?

4. Choosing a Cloud Provider
AWS? Azure? GCP? Which one is the best one for your needs? Who has the best APIs? Or do you need a multi-cloud approach? Which workloads go where and how do they talk to each other?
→  Selecting the right cloud provider is complex and understanding the full TCO of each is difficult.

If you’re dealing with these concerns or others on your cloud journey, then let us help. Our Cloud Architects will analyze your business needs and establish the best strategy along with a roadmap to get there. Contact us today at with questions! Click here to get an overview of our cloud practice including assessments that can help you get started. More resources below.


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