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Eliminate Cloud Waste
Cloud Cost Optimization focuses on cloud waste to help enterprises identify, optimize and actionably recoup expenses from existing cloud deployments. 35% of cloud billing is estimated to be wasted* through inefficient design, lack of ongoing management rigor and the speed of transition to cloud. Cloud Cost Optimization eliminates unnecessary OPEX through ten categories of analysis, tracks the annualized savings and wins in real time through a series of dashboards that measure the identified and realized savings to track accountability for realizing the opportunity. Cloud Cost Optimization develops a the enterprise from a reactive to proactive approach to savings.

• Drive savings through accountability – make savings tangible, assign clear ownership and give IT a proactive role in driving savings
• Real-Time tracking of annualized savings and wins
• Consolidate cloud procurement for economies of scale
• Proactively identify and flag potential unexpected expenses

Customer Challenges
• Rapid migration to cloud computing has created inefficient sizing, design and orphaned assets
• Lack of accountability across teams to resolve identified savings
• Virtually every department within an enterprise is at a different level of cloud adoption
• Disparate budgets and self-service mindset hides the actual sprawl of cloud and waste

Business Benefits
• Reduction of OPEX costs – Cloud Cost Optimization typically can reduce cloud OPEX by 35-50%
• Rapid ROI – Cloud Cost Optimization Programs can see a 3:1 Return on Investment (ROI) or better
• Drive accountability – Highlight bottlenecks and delays between IT and the business to get results
• Highlight Annualized Savings and Wins – Dashboards make savings tangible, illustrate opportunities and give IT a proactive role with the business

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* Source: 2019 Flexera State of the Cloud

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