Case Study: Cost Optimizer

Industry:  Manufacturing

Timeline: 4 weeks (POC)

Investment: $6,000

Savings Identified: >$50K annualized in one cloud account

Realized OPEX Saving: 11%

Sponsor: CIO


  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Cloud Development teams
  • IT Leadership

Challenge: A well know manufacturer of consumer and industrial appliances faced a business contraction due to world events resulting in the need to reduce budgets. The company had leveraged cloud heavily and was highly optimized. They needed help to identify savings.

Solution: Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Collated billing, usage and design artifacts along with cloud spend analysis tool output for a single account
  • Analyzed 10 dimensions of design and spend (tools initially provided only 3D) to produce prioritized target list
  • Developed dashboards and reporting to ensure accountability with the BUs
  • Provided both strategic architecture guidance and tactical insights to drive out unnecessary cost


  • Documented recurring savings of $35K which were achievable within 5 business days, with all savings realizable within 30 days.
  • Identified a potential security exposure of >50% of data stored in the cloud was not encrypted, violating corporate standards
  • Identified high probability areas of additional savings within the single account analyzed worth up to an additional $275K annually


  • Saved enough money in the POC to alleviate budget issues and provide funding to address the entire enterprise cloud spend
  • 11% reduction in cloud cost within a single cloud account
  • Identified a Reserved Instance marketplace to realize additional savings and provide flexibility in place of multi-year committed contracts offered by public cloud providers
  • Provided a workplan, schedule and dashboards to enable change and track results

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