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Industrialize Cloud in Scale
Cloud Enablement focuses on industrializing cloud to enable the IT organization, tools and structure to accelerate cloud benefits. Using a decision tree structure, Cloud Enablement develops a program to drive cloud services in scale and accelerates IT’s ability to provide and support cloud capabilities. Through an iterative program to target and focus investments in private and public cloud, Cloud Enablement takes the results and lessons from existing activities and focuses on developing the cloud program for scale, while supporting enterprise goals and priorities. Cloud Enablement includes role-based surveys, analytics, and working sessions to rapidly deliver actionable and tangible results.

• Accelerate adoption, create consensus with the Business Units and IT, and develop an enterprise business case
• Design of a Cloud Center of Excellence including roles, tools and methods to support single, multi and hybrid cloud architectures
• Focused mix of cloud strategy and engineering to develop a long term roadmap while delivering short term initial wins.

Customer Challenges
• Corporate mandate to drive IT into the cloud and needing to show success rapidly
• Disparate visions for what “cloud” means to the enterprise
• Lack of linkage between corporate strategy and information technology priorities
• Adapting the enterprise culture to embrace the experimental nature of cloud services
• Virtually every department within an enterprise is at a different level of cloud adoption independently

Business Benefits
• Improve Mean Time To Cloud (MTTC) – 25%
• Increase labor efficiencies – up to 20%
• Lower defect rates – up to 35%
• Cohesive Integration between the business, finance and IT

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