Cloud Migration-Transformation Services

Drive Iterative Transformation
Migration-Transformation Services is a multi-phased program, built on agile principles, designed to accelerate and simplify packaging, migration and iterative transformation of application workflows and business services. Take the risk out of rapidly migrating applications to any modern technology platform, including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, or traditional infrastructure. Our workflow accelerator increases the velocity, reduces time and cost, and minimizes risk to migrate and transform. Once migrated, we drive iterative transformation, across the portfolio, simplifying the transition to native cloud platforms and tools.

• Comprehensive view of interdependencies of assets, services, applications, data and business functions.
• Provides the framework for a new service delivery model.
• Aligns with the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) standards
• Improves visibility of total cost of ownership

Customer Challenges
• Corporate mandate to drive IT into the cloud, needing to show rapid success
• Data center consolidation and/or evacuation
• Migration of legacy applications to modern infrastructure
• Business Unit’s migrating to the cloud without ITs involvement (Rogue IT)
• Resistance to evolve the enterprise culture for cloud
• Complexity of many different levels of cloud adoption across the enterprise

Business Benefits
• Decrease migration process duration – up to 25%
• Increase labor efficiencies – up to 20%
• Lower defect rates – up to 50%
• Reduce the cost of transformation – up to 30%
• Cohesive Integration between the business and IT
• Evolve and expand cloud maturity as you migrate

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