Cloud Workload Placement Services

Align IT portfolio to maximize business results – Right fit based on business rules
Placement develops an algorithm-based model to evaluate applications, data and processing between private cloud, public cloud, hybrid and traditional infrastructure. Business, financial and technological dimensions are evaluated to generate a business case and roadmap for transformation.

• Education of key stakeholders and decision makers on the inputs, dependencies and outputs of placement and iterative transformation as a program
• Easily modified input variables to allow scenario-based modeling
• Close alignment of the IT portfolio and business requirements
• Cohesive partnership between IT leadership and Business Units
• Auditable point in time business artifact that can be referenced to understand placement decisions
• A decision tree that document placement logic

Customer Challenges
• Lack of linkage between corporate strategy and information technology priorities
• Competing priorities between business units for limited IT resources
• Increased complexity and risk from independent standards
• Complicated decision process; lack of clarity on who key stakeholders are

Business Benefits
• IT sourcing optimized based on business goals
• Simplified decision making -Placement creates common criteria to determine destination for existing and new workloads
• M&A or new responsibilities can leverage this framework to evaluate optimal placement of workloads
• Create opportunities to drive economies of scale, improve transparency, and optimize spend
• Alignment of corporate and technology priorities Placement uses multiple dimensions of data to develop a 360-degree view of priorities and goals

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