Cloud Software License Optimization Services

Uncover IT unknowns – Free up budget and avoid OEM penalties
Software License Optimization (SLO) provides actionable steps to realize savings and mitigate risks by evaluating licensing consumption vs contracted quantities, identifying underutilized or stranded assets and duplicated functionality. End to end capability which can include On-prem, Operating System, Virtualized environments, Layered products, Database, Cloud and SaaS. Executive dashboards highlight total opportunity and progress. Powerful BI tools allow deep analytics.

• Reduced Capital and Operational expense
• Identify potential exposure with license compliance
• Measure comparative scenarios to optimize software costs, scale and capabilities
• Align IT investments and direction to Enterprise business goals
• Consolidation and elimination of duplicate functions across publishers
• Simplify operating environment
• Leverage volume purchasing – reduce costs by combining titles, licenses and functions during contract negotiations with publishers
• Right size functions- single offering vs suite
• Combine duplicative function to single publisher, reduce maintenance costs efficiency in support, end user training and ability to collaborate across enterprise

Customer Challenges
• Organizations lack dedicated resource to focus on portfolio optimization
• Software sprawl; easy to add, hard to manage
• Changing software licensing rules driving increased expense
• Potential software license compliance risks
• Stranded and/or underutilized software assets
• Enterprise mandates for IT cost savings
• Complexity of managing multiple publishers for like functionality

Business Benefits
• Significant ROI – Software License Optimization services typically develop savings of 25-40%
• Software license compliance – Align infrastructure to optimize software licensing
• Rapid insights – Develops opportunities, even for environments that are poorly documented

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