Corral Your VDI and Published Apps with On-Demand Management

Today, managing and delivering apps across VDI, DaaS, and published app environments is incredibly stressful and complex—the number of users and desktops only proliferate across multiple clusters, clouds, and physical locations as organizations scale. Meanwhile, with silos of tools operating independently, IT inefficiencies reign.

That’s why it’s high-time to rethink how VDI apps are packaged and deployed. Doing so means you not only improve your day-two management experience, but you also help reduce infrastructure costs at a time when IT budgets are tight.

Join us for an empowering discussion focused on how you can drive efficiencies across VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Azure-based environments. You’ll leave the session knowing exactly how to:

  • Streamline app lifecycle management
  • Regain control, despite the complexities at hand
  • Support your organization’s growth

Please feel free to share with your team. 

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