Cybersecurity Managed IT Services

Whether you're managing a small business or a large enterprise,
Möbius Partners provides cybersecurity solutions suited to your needs.
The growing trend of employees working remotely has created significant challenges with
securing corporate assets in an evolving landscape of electronic threats.


Perimeter & Network Defense
Möbius Partners provides a comprehensive solution, starting with deploying best-in-class Managed Firewalls and WiFi solutions. Our security appliances use next generation AI-based Unified Threat Protection (UTM) engines that report into Möbius Partners’ centralized console for monitoring, daily backups and update management. We work with you to implement appropriate safeguards such as blocking known bad websites (pornography, phishing, etc.) using a content filtering system. Many organizations also restrict social media to mitigate threats and improve employee productivity, for example, only allowing Facebook access during lunchtime. WiFi networks are secure and governed by the same firewall content filtering controls, and guest access is separated from secure corporate wireless traffic. Our team can also provide individual VPN access for employees who need to connect remotely and site-to-site VPN tunnels for organizations that need to connect multiple locations to one another.

Endpoint Protection

Our team protects servers and individual endpoints such as workstations and laptops with a centrally managed suite of security protocols that include antivirus, antimalware and browser/DNS protection so that threats can be identified and mitigated quickly before they spread. We also proactively manage Windows updates and third-party patches to ensure that systems remain up-to-date and operate at peak performance. We also provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to control device behavior and/or limit access to resources.

Email Defense
Phishing and email threats are increasing in sophistication and destructive potential. We provide a strong suite of email security and spam filtering solutions to block these threats before they hit your inbox. A few of the features include Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Data Leak Prevention (DLP) to protect corporate or sensitive information from leaving the organization, and bottomless archiving capabilities to back up emails indefinitely for e-discovery or compliance purposes.

Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication
Our team enforces the use of complex passwords to reduce the chances of account compromise. To do this successfully, we work closely with customers to also enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a secondary challenge measure to keep accounts and corporate information secure.

Employee Security Awareness Training
Even with the best protection systems in the world, the best line of defense is a well-trained user who knows to practice safe computing. In order to help train and educate employees on best practices, Möbius Partners offers an Employee Security Awareness Training system to teach them how to spot threats and report them to IT. This system utilizes a simulated email phishing system to attempt to trick users into clicking links. Those who click (fail) are automatically enrolled in remedial training that includes mediarich content such as videos and interactive games to help them spot attacks in the future and learn safe computing habits. The program is highly effective.

If all else fails, Möbius Partners provides a managed backup system that allows for both onsite and cloud-based replication and recovery. Our backup solutions can even turn a failed server into a running virtual machine on a standby appliance, whether on-site or in the cloud, to cut downtime to nearly nothing. Backups can be setup to run as often as hourly and are professionally monitored by Möbius Partners’ Network Operations Center (NOC) to ensure they continue to run smoothly and provide recovery assistance when needed. See more about our Backup and Disaster Recovery here.

24/7/365 Support
Unlike other managed service providers, we not only offer 24/7 support, we also manage and handle IT all (servers, networks, firewalls, backups, etc.) for you! From daily monitoring to full restoration, we take care of everything at NO extra cost to you often before you even know there is a problem – whether in the office or remote.

Not sure where to get started? Secure a free business technology assessment with detailed security risk report and remediation plan. See details here. To get started: or chat in the lower right of your screen.

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