Möbius Partners and FIBERTOWN: Two Halves of the Business Continuity Whole

Möbius Partners and FIBERTOWN announce its unique partnership designed to help clients prepare for the worst-case scenario: ensuring business continuity when confronted with a disaster.

Not If but When

Disasters come in all forms and fashions: inclement weather, power outages, flooding, theft, vandalism and more. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if a disaster will occur, but when. For companies driven by or reliant upon technology, redundancies in functionality and processes are critical to prevent losing data, down time and clients during a disaster.

The Möbius Partners and FIBERTOWN Relationship

Möbius Partners and FIBERTOWN together provide an ideal disaster recovery and business continuity program.

FIBERTOWN provides co-location services as an off-site datacenter for its clients. The physical assets clients need to continue operating with little to no downtime are housed in the company’s Bryan, Texas, facility, which includes not only the infrastructure required for server operations, but also work stations and internet connectivity should a client need to relocate its team.

Möbius Partners provides the expertise needed to create the technological redundancies clients need during a disaster. The Möbius team works with clients to migrate their critical systems to FIBERTOWN’s facility. In the process, its team identifies process gaps and system weaknesses, and then designs and implements the changes needed to ensure the business continuity plan is actionable. Möbius also provides ongoing maintenance for clients to ensure their plan and systems remain reliable.

Learn More
Mobius and FIBERTOWN are sponsoring these upcoming Tech Summits. Please join us to meet both teams.
September 4th – Dallas – Marriott Quorum by the Galleria – Click here to register!
September 5th – Austin – Omni Hotel Downtown – Click here to register!
September 6th – Houston – Marriott Marquis  – Click here to register!

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