How can you remove the complexity of backup and still protect your data from ransomware and other security threats?

Take a look at these short videos from HPE and Cohesity. They’re only a few minutes each, and give you a sneak peek into how you can modernize your data center and prevent your data from being a target of ransomware.

Case Study: City of Hamilton in Canada had a legacy backup solution that was clunky and difficult to scale, leading to frequent failures and hours upon hours of IT staff time for troubleshooting. After implementing the HPE and Cohesity joint solution,  they reduced incremental backup time by 700%, reduced total disk space by over 50%, reduced staff hours, and were able to easily scale and add capabilities for future growth.

Whitepaper: Are you dealing with siloed data across multiple products from different vendors? Wishing your data could work for your business rather than suck resources from it?  Read about how HPE and Cohesity’ joint solution helps you leverage your backup and unstructured data for additional powerful uses beyond just data protection.

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