Möbius Partners Earns Double Platinum Specialization

Micro Focus designations highlight highest level of expertise and specialization

Möbius Partners collaborates with software industry leader Micro Focus to deliver innovative, enterprise-scale software solutions that maximize customer investments and solve complex technology problems. Through partnerships like this, Möbius Partners consistently leads customers through smart solutions that drive business forward.

Möbius Partners is proud to have been recognized as a Platinum Software Specialist by Micro Focus in two areas of expertise: IT Operations Management and Application Delivery Management. The Platinum designation requires the highest level of specialization, which Möbius Partners achieves through employee certifications, ongoing training and by meeting revenue threshold requirements. Additionally, a Silver Level designation was earned in Security.

By meeting the highest standards designated by Micro Focus, the team at Möbius Partners ensures that the solutions and technology they deliver to customers provide real business advantages and a high value. Such expertise results forward-looking solutions that help reduce risk and align IT business strategy.

“We are pleased to receive these Platinum Software Specialist recognitions by Micro Focus,” said Junab Ali, Co-Founder and President of Möbius Partners. “These specializations increase the value we offer to customers across multiple applications and large enterprise systems. Our partnership with Micro Focus helps drive our customers’ business through innovation that maximizes software investments.”

About Möbius Partners:
Möbius Partners is a relationship-driven IT solutions provider, offering best of breed technology and services for large enterprise organizations. We offer strategic services, technical expertise and sales support to enable organizations to maximize the value of their data center investment. Based on each customer’s unique objectives and IT environment, we assess, architect, implement and manage solutions that improve current technology performance while laying the groundwork for future growth. From hardware, to software, to professional services including staffing and training, Möbius Partners provides comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that help IT professionals respond to ever-increasing demands on their data centers. Founded in 2000, Möbius Partners serves corporate and public-sector customers throughout Texas and the central U.S. from its headquarters in San Antonio and its offices in Dallas and Houston. Visit for more information.



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