Mobius Partners and VMware PPSP: Elevate the NSX Experience

Mobius Partners provides the most advanced and strategic technologies available to help you innovate and transform, and our efforts have recently been recognized as part of the VMware Partner Professional Services Program (PPSP).  So what does this mean to you?

PPSP opens the door to exclusive training opportunities, IP materials, and sales support, all of which accelerate our service delivery, and ultimately drive predictability and most importantly, your profitability.  Better yet, NSX is now a part of the PPSP lineup, which is the network virtualization platform for the software-defined center, enabling:

  • The creation of entire networks in software, embedding them in the hypervisor layer, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware
  • Micro-segmentation, with security services provisioned at the perimeter, between application tiers, and even between devices within tiers
  • Cost savings, as you eliminate the need for pricey hardware
  • Scalability, by virtualizing physical network devices, making it easy to perform upgrades across several devices at once

Mobius Partners has proven expertise in architecting the right solution for your data center, and thanks to PPSP and NSX, we’re ready to elevate your virtualization experience.

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