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Streamline IT Asset Procurement Across Your Enterprise
Ordering and procurement is an essential part of enterprise IT. But it can also be a wasteful exercise in lost time, money and productivity for companies weighed down by paper-based, siloed systems. Sifting through catalogs, spreadsheets, and emails means orders take hours or days instead of minutes. Without standardized procedures in place, enterprises find themselves ordering products they already have or paying higher prices than they should.

If you have Supplier Diversity initiatives, we’re a certified Minority-Owned Business (MBE). See certifications here.

Möbius Partners consolidates and streamlines equipment acquisition across the enterprise, making life easier and more productive for IT procurement teams. Solution architects and your Möbius Partners team work together to evaluate your order history and best anticipate and meet your future configuration standards. Our online e-procurement service, Möbius Value Portal (MVP), provides complete visibility along each step of the purchase trail.

Use case: Global Beverage Company Reduces Ordering Tasks from Hours to Minutes

An international beverage manufacturer found order processing both frustrating and time consuming. It required lengthy back-and-forth communications with suppliers in efforts to determine what was needed for its configurations. With MVP, the company generates quotes quickly. Plus, the organization is now able to budget and compare old configurations in just minutes – allowing them to focus more on core projects.

Möbius Value Portal (MVP) Simplifies the Equipment Supply Chain

MVP is complementary for our customers, saves you time and money, and shortens delivery times through the following benefits.

Instant Online Access

With a powerful, intuitive interface and 24/7 availability, the Möbius team creates custom catalogs and equipment configurations based on your specific needs, so you can build quotes based on up-to-the-minute, discounted pricing. Once an order is placed, all it takes is a few clicks to check on approval, shipping, or delivery status.

Administrative Management

Administrators can easily establish and manage employee purchasing access, and clearly define what individual users and groups see as far as products, orders and quotes. Our experienced customer support associates also work with you to create best practices security policies throughout the process.

Standard and Custom Configurations

MVP streamlines ordering and creates custom SKUs for standard configurations for each project. Any changes are captured and automatically updated online so purchases are always current with the latest specs and pricing. In addition, you can customize configurations for memory, power supplies, disk drives, cables and more—whatever is most optimal.

Order Status and Reporting

Dynamic order monitoring tracks quotes and orders by status—pending, submitted or shipped—saving hours of email and phone call inquiries. MVP also generates detailed reports, such as company purchases by date or time period, contact, product category, manufacturer, part number, and more.

Automated Purchase Workflows

With MVP’s automated customer approval purchasing system (CPAS) on the backend, you can easily set and maintain order approval workflows. Define authorization levels and approval hierarchies by user or group, and track the status by requestor, date, request order number and more.

Real-Time Contract Pricing

Need to lock in contract pricing in real time? MVP ensures you always receive the proper discounts on your configurations through pre-negotiated, continually monitored pricing.

Möbius Partners Advantages
Möbius Partners has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to address your IT challenges. Our cost-effective automation, monitoring, reporting, and management solutions help your organization grow rapidly and work smarter, and our experts work closely with you to spur continuous improvement across all IT operations.

Learn how Möbius Partners can accelerate and simplify asset procurement for your organization. Contact us a or chat in the lower right of your screen.

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