Möbius Partners Announces MP SupportLink (TM) 3.0

Möbius Partners Enterprise Solutions, one of the leading IT solutions providers in the southwest, today announced a major upgrade of its online data management portal, MP SupportLink™ 3.0.

“Contract management is a tedious process and many companies still track their computer hardware and software licenses manually. We repeatedly heard from our customers that these were frustrating issues, and we developed MP SupportLink to help them. MP SupportLink provides customers with a secure, 24-7 online system that keeps tabs on all the hardware they’ve purchased, as well as their service and support contracts,” said Junab Ali, president and co-founder of Möbius Partners.

With MP SupportLink, Möbius Partners has revolutionized how IT departments manage their service and support contracts, traditionally an extremely manual process. MP SupportLink enables customers to track all hardware assets (servers, storage subsystems, etc.) by serial number, plus manage all IT vendor contracts, warranty expirations, license management and license transfers for decommissioned systems – from a secure online portal that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere by multiple users. By tracking information such as the server name, location and type of server, managers and IT staff have easy access to where the hardware is located, as well as its status, which greatly helps for future planning.

About Möbius Partners

Enterprise Solutions Based in San Antonio, Texas, with regional offices in Dallas and Houston, Möbius Partners is an HP Platinum Business Partner and computer reseller (VAR) that specializes in enterprise computing solutions. More information about Möbius Partners is available at


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