MP Partners with xMatters to Provide Customers with Automatic Notification Solutions.

Möbius Partners, one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers in the southwest, today announced a new partnership with xMatters, the relevance engine company. Through this joint venture, Möbius Partners and xMatters will work together to deliver an innovative solution to meet customers’ growing demands for automatic notifications, including implementation, training and support.
xMatters enables companies to manage on-call schedules and automate escalation procedures so when a system goes down, the right fixing agent is instantly alerted on the right device. xMatters connects people in different parts of a company, and outside the company, with the information they need to know.

Möbius Partners is one of the few HP partners focusing on the entire data center. A certified HP business partner since 2002, it has earned numerous HP Specialist designations in recognition of its expertise assisting customers with HP solutions. With Möbius Partners, customers get leading-edge skills and specialized knowledge delivered by a team of experts who are highly recommended by HP.
“Adding xMatters’ relevance engine technology to our suite of solutions will enable our clients to increase accountability and provide better visibility into their performance and processes. Customers need to know when certain events occur in their environment, and they especially need an automated process for an escalation strategy when certain critical events may occur,” said Scott King, Technology Solution Manager for Möbius Partners. “xMatters integrates easily with HP’s Business Process Monitor platform and we are committed to bringing this proven solution to our customers. Distributing relevant information to people at exactly the right time isn’t just an IT issue – it can be a problem for all departments inside a company.”

xMatters relevance engines are designed to make life easier for everyone across entire industries. Irritating people with notifications that don’t matter to them will become a thing of the past – dishing out what is uniquely relevant to each individual will become the new standard. Companies like Möbius Partners are helping customers embrace interactive communication and real human connections.

“At xMatters, we forge partnerships and alliances with leading firms in many areas – including IT service management, business continuity, telecommunications, product innovation, and research and development – to strategically tackle the pesky problem of delivering what people need, when they need it,” said David Wall, Vice President of Alliances, xMatters. “We look forward to this new relationship with Möbius Partners because like us, they are focused on helping customers be more efficient and productive.“

About Möbius Partners
Möbius Partners is an enterprise-level IT solutions provider of strategic services, technical expertise and sales support. We assess, architect, implement and manage IT solutions that improve performance, maximize the value of data center investments and prepare companies for future growth. From hardware, to software, to professional services, Möbius Partners serves clients throughout the central U.S. from its headquarters in San Antonio and its offices in Dallas and Houston.

About XMatters
xMatters builds relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know at exactly the right moment – so they can take immediate action. Our relevance engines work with existing enterprise applications, technologies, and processes to help businesses run faster and smarter. More than 1000 global firms use xMatters to make their products and services more valuable, both internally and to their customers and shareholders. Founded in 2000 as AlarmPoint Systems, xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, CA with European operations based in London, U.K. More information is available at or 1-877-xMATTRS.


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