New Line of Technical Services for our Enterprise Customers

Möbius Partners Enterprise Solutions, a computer reseller for HP and Sun Microsystems that specializes in enterprise-level solutions, today announced the launch of MP Services, a new line of technical services provided to customers by Möbius Partners’ highly trained and certified Solutions Architects.

The MP Services family is comprised of three distinct offerings: MP Start™, MP SupportLink™, and MP Check™. MP Start is designed to help customers get certain systems such as new servers, storage subsystems and/or VMware applications up and running while reducing interruptions to critical staff members. Möbius Partners works closely with the customer to facilitate the design, ordering and integration of the system, then pre-configures the setup based on the customer’s needs. Möbius Partners then dispatches one of its Solutions Architects to the customer’s site to perform the installation and/or configuration. MP Start services are billed on an hourly basis, based on the customer’s unique environment and requirements.

With MP SupportLink, a data management portal, Möbius Partners has revolutionized how IT departments manage their service and support contracts, which has traditionally been an extremely manual process. MP SupportLink enables customers to easily track all of their IT vendor contracts, warranty expirations, license management and license transfers for decommissioned systems, from one central location that can be accessed by multiple users. By tracking information such as the server name, location and type of server, managers and IT staff have easy access to where the hardware is located, as well as its status, which greatly helps for future planning. Pricing for MP SupportLink is based on the quantity of serial numbers being tracked, in addition to an initial set-up fee.

The third service, MP Check, is a fixed price and billed annually. It contracts one of Möbius Partners’ Solutions Architects to run a monthly maintenance check of the customer’s systems to ensure they are running efficiently and effectively.

"Since we founded Möbius Partners, we have helped customers with complex enterprise computing requirements and infrastructure recommendations. They have repeatedly asked us for more help and now, as a further extension of the value we provide, we are offering a wider variety of services to support them," said J. Javier "Jay" Uribe, president and co-founder of Möbius Partners. "Each of the new services we are offering complements the expertise we’ve developed in our core competencies, and the feedback from customers has already been extremely positive."

About Möbius Partners

Based in San Antonio, Texas, with regional offices in Dallas and Houston, Möbius Partners is a computer reseller (VAR) that specializes in enterprise computing solutions. More information about Möbius Partners is available at


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