Define your right mix of cloud services

Organizations are seeking to optimize their application portfolio but not sure how to determine the right mix of on and off premises options. Our Hybrid IT Blueprint, is helping define, power and optimize enterprise’s cloud strategy in under 30 days. That is not bragging, it is fact.

Day Zero Value: Start with an out of the box visualization of your right mix based upon your industry’s common applications – types and concerns – mapped to the current capabilities in the public and private marketplace.

Day 30 Value: End with a personalized Hybrid IT Blueprint that defines how your application portfolio and specific concerns – including SLA, security, technology, finance and supplier governance – map to the most current capabilities in the market.

Power your right mix of cloud services

➔ Automate analysis of your application portfolio
➔ Leverage out-of-the-box content and use cases for both public and private cloud analysis
➔ Accelerate time to value by bulk loading your application inventory data through CSV or API
➔ Model and compare on-premises, virtual private, and public cloud offerings
➔ Access the most recent public cloud services & prices
➔ Modernize & defend your IT Cloud strategy

➔ Provide decision makers empirical data needed for decisions
➔ Quickly visualize what solutions provide best fit and drill into areas in question – quantifiable fit – take the guesswork and opinions out of the equation

Optimize your right mix in under 30 days

Included in the Hybrid IT blueprint is a 30 day subscription to CloudGenera’s Professional Edition, which includes access to CloudAssist™ (for mapping application portfolios to the best cloud solutions), access to CloudAdopt™ (to organize, manage and govern the use of your chosen cloud providers), and access to Bulk Load (to automate ingestion of both public cloud and data center application inventory data).

What’s included in Hybrid IT Blueprint:

➢ Access to CloudAssist™ browser named users
➢ Access to CloudAdopt™ catalogs for private cloud
➢ Access to CloudRank ™ decision engine for hybrid cloud comparisons of various financial, technical and functional use cases
➢ Access to Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle public cloud catalogs
➢ Access to HPE SimpliVity, Synergy, Converged Systems, and 3PAR private cloud catalogs
➢ Ability to leverage Bulk Load with automated discovery solutions such as HPE CloudCruiser (your Amazon and Azure usage) and Arxscan (your data center inventory) to analyze applications at scale

What you can expect to accomplish:

✓ Define your right mix of private and public cloud services in under 30 days using either industry average data or your own application portfolio data
✓ Power actionable decisions to upgrade existing data center infrastructure and/or establish governance for use cases well suited for public cloud
✓ Optimize your cloud strategy and ensure your organization is well positioned to drive application portfolio transformation
✓ Receive your personalized Hybrid IT Blueprint

How to get started?

Contact Möbius Partners at (888) 834.5531 or fill out the form below to receive a quick demonstration. 

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