The Data-to-Everything Platform
Remove the barriers between data and action for positive change in your organization.
Turn Data Into Doing™

Apply your data to every question, decision and action. Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform designed to remove barriers between data and action.

A Constant Pulse on Your Business
Identify opportunities and remediate threats fast

Our investigative approach to managing data is designed for an evolving, chaotic world where data comes from all kinds of sources, in all kinds of formats. Splunk doesn’t force you to structure your data before you ask it questions, allowing for unlimited questions and faster answers regardless of an organization’s unique environment. Additionally, we treat all types of data equally for faster time-to-value from future data types and sources.

Turn Data Into Action
Go beyond observability, act on your data

We have the technology and expertise to guide you on a complete data journey, from investigation and monitoring to analysis and action. We can guide you across all four stages of your data journey, and we can do this across IT, security, IoT and other core business functions.

Build for a Data-Driven Future
Prepare for a world where everyone needs data access

Shouldn’t your business tools be as intuitive and seamless as the apps in your pocket? We’re building and investing in technology that makes data more accessible to more people so we can all make faster, smarter decisions.


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