Cloud Portfolio Optimization Services

Find Savings Across the Enterprise
Portfolio Optimization Services are designed to identify multiple opportunities for capital and operational expense savings, finding potential savings for traditional IT, public cloud, private cloud and software licensing. Through a combination of tools, analysis and innovative reporting, enterprises can optimize technology investments resulting in savings of up to 65%. Portfolio Optimization provides Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) metrics to support consolidation, elimination of unused resources and improved utilization of Hybrid Cloud (On Prem, Off Site, Private Cloud, and/or Public Cloud) resources.

• Reduced Capital and Operational spend across the enterprise portfolio
• Eliminate unnecessary spend from public cloud, traditional IT and software licensing agreements
• Realign IT investments to Enterprise business goals
• Address impending technology debt and offset increasing software licensing costs
• Eliminate unnecessary cloud spend

Customer Challenges
• Organizations lack dedicated resources to focus on portfolio optimization
• Complexity of managing multiple publishers for like functionality
• Significant impending technology debt creating budget issues
• Stranded and/or underutilized software and hardware assets
• Enterprise mandates for IT cost savings while managing increasingly variable IT costs and changing business unit priorities

Business Benefits
• Significant ROI – Infrastructure Optimization Services typically develop savings of 35-65%
• Flexibility – Agility to shift and optimize between Capital (CAPEX) and Operational (OPEX) expenses
• Software license compliance – Align Infrastructure to optimize software licensing
• Rapid Insights – Develops opportunities, even for environments that are poorly documented

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