Renowned Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Expert, Frank Abagnale

Have you seen the movie “Catch Me if You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks? We’ve joined forces with Frank Abagnale to discuss how cybercrime today compares to scams of the past, the threats lurking in the shadows, and the critical need for businesses to take a comprehensive approach to security to protect against an increasingly dangerous digital fraud landscape.  Tune in to podcast or video below to check out their discussion.

Cyberthreats are lurking, and in an increasingly digital world, businesses need to build a proactive security strategy to stay protected.  Scott King, Chief Technology Officer, from Möbius Partners joins Frank Abagnale and HPE’s James Morrison for a virtual event on how scams have evolved into the cybercrime we know today and the critical need for businesses shape their security strategy around this knowledge.

Tune in to podcast or video below for their discussion of key topics such as:

  • How human interactions can help or hinder a scam artist
  • How the latest HPE and AMD technologies help your organization take control of security and decrease risks to your most important assets
  • Ways businesses can detect and prevent cyberattacks before it’s too late

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is complex. Having a trusted technology partner like Möbius Partners, with access to secure tools, assessments, expertise, etc. provides a security foundation that gives businesses a fighting chance at avoiding a breach. 

If you would like to discuss transforming your approach to cybersecurity and protecting yourself from an attack, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we’ll find the solution you need. Until then, check out the the NSA’s top ten security mitigation strategies to keep yourself and your business safe.

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