Rent-A-Center Streamlines Virtual Desktop Deployment with VxRail

September 5, 2017 | Case Studies, Videos

After years of corporate acquisitions, Rent-A-Center’s data center housed a myriad of networks, storage systems, and servers. Business agility suffered as staff tweaked hardware to perform seamlessly with remote desktops and applications.

IT was under pressure to improve productivity and reduce VDI deployment time, as well as show an economical cost per user that would scale over Rent-A-Center’s projected growth.

Ultimately, rather than attempt to fix the existing infrastructure, Rent-A-Center embarked on a complete technology refresh. After a thorough vendor comparison, the company chose the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance.

“Mobius Partners helped us bring it all together. Their experts developed an integrated VDI solution for hardware, software, support, and services. Mobius Partners is our go-to partner for our cloud and virtualization solutions,” said Mike Conroy, Director of Technical Operations, Rent-A-Center.

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