Get Started with Seamless AppSec in One Day – Webinar

With software becoming the competitive differentiator for most businesses rather than just a support function, the speed and complexity of it is rapidly increasing. Because of the business demand being put on development teams, often times there is little to no time put into ensuring these applications are secure. However, the biggest and most severe data breaches that have affected both the public and private sectors all operate at the application layer.

Ensuring your applications are secure doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process, though. With the right program and tools, you can improve or start your organization’s security initiative without getting in the way of developers’ productivity. In this webinar, we will cover:
• The current state of software and application security
• How to create or improve your AppSec program in a day
• Why integration is essential for speed
• Why it is essential to go beyond the OWASP Top 10
Live online Feb 13 12:00 pm CST or after on demand. Presented by Brent Jenkins and Harley Adams, Micro Focus

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