Sean Franzen Accepted into HPE’s Worldwide Partner Ambassador Program for Solution Architects

Möbius Partners is excited to announce Sean Franzen’s acceptance into the Worldwide Partner Ambassador Program for Solution Architects.  As one of only 38 members in the US, this speaks volume to the technical talent we have at Möbius Partners.   We look forward to partnering with HPE to make a better customer experience together.

The Worldwide Partner Ambassador Program for Solution Architects brings together the top Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) product and solution engineers and executives, with top Solution Architects from our HPE partners. The benefits of the Partner Ambassador program for Solution Architects for both HPE and the Partners is to deepen the relationship to foster better collaboration and communication and to influence future technology direction at HPE.

Being part of the Ambassador program allows selected partners:

  • Opportunities to meet directly with HPE business unit executives, Lab Engineers, and HPE Ambassadors at the annual Worldwide Partner Ambassador Summit
  • Participation, in monthly Partner Ambassador calls hosted by technical experts
  • Enhanced access to information
  • Participation in a virtual Partner Ambassador Community with HPE BU and HPE Solution Architects to ask questions, provide feedback and share experiences.

“Sean has committed much of his career to learning and evangelizing the HPE strategy with his peers and customers. He’s got an infectious passion for it. This recognition puts an official spotlight on what we’ve known about Sean for 10+ years,” said Junab Ali, President and Co-founder.


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