Customer Success Story: Renewal Saves Over 40% and Allows for Additional Software

A Mobius Partners enterprise customer wanted to expand and maximize their investment in a software platform while keeping costs more predictable. Rather than just renewing a 1 year contract, our team worked with the customer on a multi-year contract – saving the customer over 40% compared to executing 1 year contracts over the same term.

Through this effort, we identified additional software the customer needed, but hadn’t planned on purchasing at the time. We were able to include the additional software into this contract and stay under budget through multi-year savings and a flexible financial package.

Now our services team is helping them operationalize the new software – install and configure to get it up and running faster. This allowed the customer to start realizing the value of the additional software and show ROI quickly. As an added bonus, the flexible financial package Mobius offered allowed the customer to annualize the cost and defer first year payment due to COVID.

If you’re looking to simplify and lower costs on your support contracts, please visit or contact our Support Expert, Melissa Asvestas, here.

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