Streamline your Business Resiliency Plan

Organizations need a streamlined business resiliency plan that ensures company data is secure and that employees are able to work from anywhere, anytime. The first step in making this plan successful ensures that the solutions IT Managers select are simple to implement, manage, and maintain.
Check out the webinar ON DEMAND to find out how you can turn adversity into success with the right strategy, technologies, and mindset. During the session, we explore how you can build a robust business resiliency plan that includes:
• Backup and Disaster Recovery – Snapshot replication, failover, failback, and restore
• Advanced Backup and Cloud Storage – Backup and restore any and all VMs, whether you’re running Windows, Linux, UNIX, or a desktop system
• Work from Anywhere – Quickly connect remote users securely to existing infrastructure
• Ransomware and Other Cyber Threats – Actively protect your extended network

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