Support Management Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

Dedicated team’s proactive approach simplifies full lifecycle support

Imagine having all of your equipment, software, and support contracts in one easy-to-access support management service. You could streamline support management across vendors, locations, and divisions that may renew at different times throughout the year, gain visibility into renewals to simplify budgeting, and ensure your asset support never lapses because a renewal window was missed.

Many enterprises today maintain huge investments in equipment, software, and support contracts, and are often challenged to maintain IT environments that can never go down. This makes around-the-clock support for these assets essential for enterprise IT. Because these assets may be moved, returned, decommissioned, or made more/less important, it’s important to maintain the right level of support on equipment and ensure this support is active when it’s needed.

However, without the right resources, skills and tools in place, most companies struggle to manage their support activities. As a result, they are often reacting to support issues, instead of taking a more strategic, proactive approach to avoid these support problems. Instead, these companies use antiquated tracking methods like Excel spreadsheets that require constant manual upkeep and lack insight. This makes asset tracking time-consuming and riddled with potential errors. Here are a just few of the consequences of using manual systems to manage support:

  • Downtime: Without effective support management, you risk lapsed or inaccurate contracts that may result no support when you need it and extended recovery times.
  • Needless expense: To ensure cost-efficient support, you need to validate you have the right level of support based on the use, location, and importance of the covered equipment.
  • Blind budgeting: Without accurate inventory, support and license data, it’s difficult to plan and manage cost allocations across departments for asset procurement, maintenance, and related services.
  • Poor vendor support: Without support history and service level agreement (SLA) documents in hand, you’re likely to encounter the same frustrating, first-level support questions repeatedly.
  • Buying Inefficiencies: Without visibility, you can’t see opportunities to co-terminate, merge, and standardize contracts across the enterprise, increase buying power and simplify the buying process over time.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Risk and Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities

To help you overcome support challenges, Möbius Partners™ offers a dedicated support management team that focuses on helping your organization maximize financial and operational performance, while minimizing risk.

Here are a few of the things that your MP support management team provides:

  • Confirm active/inactive assets
  • Validate RMA asset serial number updates
  • Verify location of assets
  • Confirm customer contact information per asset
  • Support software migration process
  • Ensure customer follow up
  • Provides call history reports from each manufacturer with products in your environment that identify the number of cases they received, who called them in, and the turnaround time for each case.
  • Provides co-term/merge
  • Allows for review/refresh opportunities
  • Provides end-of-support-life dates

To learn more about how Möbius Partners can help your company manage support, please contact Melissa Asvestas here.


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