TCU Enhances User Experience by Collaborating with Mobius Partners

June 4, 2019 | Case Studies, Videos

Texas Christian University enhances user experience by standing up active-active data centers with zero downtime. This solution with HPE 3PAR and VMware allowed for the following:

  • Ease of management
  • HPE Peer Persistence allows high-availability
  • Failover capabilities under 5 minutes with no data loss
  • Stretch and metro clusters allow for multi-level of resiliency on storage, compute, and networking
  • Confidence in IT from students and staff
  • Data compaction 3.2:1, data compression 2.1 and deduplication 1.5
  • Documentation and training to prepare TCU team

“The moment of truth was our full test of the system with live databases and data,” said Felipe Neto, Senior Solutions Architect with Möbius Partners. “TCU was no different than other organizations we’ve worked with – their allowable margin of error was zero. As we “killed” sections of the infrastructure in one data center, the redundancies in the second data center immediately and smoothly picked up the load. Not a single user noticed any change during the test. As far as they were concerned, all was working as it should. Our customized solution became a functional reality for TCU.”

Click here for copy of the written case study.

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