Unlock your virtual infrastructure with Mobius & Red Hat

How long have you been looking for the key to unlocking your infrastructure?

We are very excited to announce that Red Hat and Mobius Partners have partnered up to offer you the chance to join us for an exclusive online session based on Red Hat CloudForms.

Red Hat’s CloudForms has been making waves in the industry lately because of its uncanny ability to help manage the unmanageable. Whether you are using any level of virtualization, embracing the cloud, or simply want more control over your large variety of environments, implementing CloudForms could save you money, and more importantly, time.

In fact, we’ve developed a POC we call CloudForms 1Day, where often times we can show you how CloudForms can pay for itself in only one day.

We’d love to tell you about it.

Please join us May 17th at 10:00AM CST for this special online event.

Register Here!

There is value here for both your Technical Teams, and your Managerial Teams, so feel free to invite your colleagues to join you.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you on May 17th!


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