Wanna Cry Ransomware – What you need to know

As you have likely seen in the press, widespread ransomware attacks have occurred across the world.  Mobius Partners has several solutions to stop or fight against ransomware.  A bit about our Security Practice at Möbius Partners:

Möbius Partners brings together industry-leading providers and products to deliver proactive security solutions tailored to your unique business end environment and workflow. We help you create and execute end-to-end security strategies to identify threats and minimize their impact on your business. We also provide the emerging technologies, deduplication, backup and recovery processes, regulatory compliance support, and business continuity to keep operations running 24/7.

Here are a few helpful tidbits from our Security Experts:

Fact Sheet

5 Emergency Mitigation Strategies to Combat WannaCry Outbreak

How to use NSX to fight/stop WannaCry

Not sure where to start with NSX?  Our Virtual Network Assessments give you a comprehensive evaluation provides the insight you need to fully understand your network.

WannaCry/Wcry Ransomware: How to Defend against It

The worm that spreads WanaCrypt0r

WCry/WanaCry Ransomware Technical Analysis

Thank you Manish Patel, Senior Solutions Architect, Top 50 Influencers of VMware and Dell EMC Elect.  Follow him: @Mandivs and Shannon Gillenwater, Security Practice Manager.


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