Möbius Partners and Yard Art R Us:

Protecting Data and Smoothing Workflows


  • Limited growth capacity
  • Mac & PC sharing difficulties
  • Data at risk of loss or corruption


  • Expanded storage with NAS
  • Created cloud-based data backup
  • Shared server for Mac & PC systems


  • Data redundancies protect from loss or corruption
  • Smoother workflows between Mac & PC systems
  • Increased storage capacity accommodates growth

Yard Art R Us is a popular retail business in the Houston, Texas area that offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture, metal work, yard art and concrete statues. It does a significant volume of business, especially with its yard art. The artwork for the products is digitized using specialized Mac-based graphics software so that the design can be customized to each order. The final graphic is then rendered on a large-format printer that is controlled by a PC-based workstation. The volume of work in this part of the business was causing issues such as:

  • Insufficient capacity for growth
  • Only a single point of failure for mission-critical data and years’ worth of artwork and designs
  • Sharing challenges between its Mac and PC workstations
  • No data backup

For a small business, these issues often slowed production and, in some cases, if the technology failed, the outcome would be disastrous. Möbius Partners helped overcome Yard Art R Us’ challenges by implementing a Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance with redundant hard drives. This would protect the data locally from loss or destruction.

Möbius Partners also configured a secure Shared folder and migrated the company’s data to the new network share. This configuration allowed the Mac and PC to communicate seamlessly and provided much-needed room for growth. Möbius Partners also deployed a cloud backup solution so that the company’s data is securely replicated offsite, again, preventing data loss or degradation. Now, Yard Art R Us can rest assured that its data is safe, secure and easy to access. This generates efficiencies for their operations and improves reliability.

Möbius Partners doesn’t oversell solutions. That’s one reason Yard Art R Us selected Möbius as their IT partner. Möbius Partners demonstrated that they weren’t just trying to sell hardware and/or software. Before suggesting any steps to take, they wanted to understand the unique needs and challenges in order to develop the perfect solution.

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I love working with Möbius Partners! Superior customer service, great attention to detail, and I felt like a was their favorite customer. It doesn’t get better than that.

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Mary Amick Owner | Yard Art R Us

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