The Big Business of Cybercrime Lunch and Learn

Join us to learn more about how to protect your organization from cyber criminals. In the session, you will learn about: recent trends in cybersecurity, how Compliance and Cyber Insurance impacts the need for enhanced security, how to improve your organizations security posture and more!

Outplay Cybercriminals: A Managed Solution for Modern Ransomware

As cybercriminals increasingly target backup files with ransomware, are you confident your organization is protected?

Knowledge as a Service (KaaS): Technical Expert Series

We created this series with our Technical Experts to breakdown hot industry topics and trends and make them available live, podcast, video or blog. So far we’ve covered Networking as a Service (NaaS), Cyber Security Mesh Architecture (CSMA), MFA, Passwordless Logins and Security Keys. Coming up next: SSE - Secure Service Edge. It’s the evolution and trend to remove SD-WAN from SASE.

Corral Your VDI and Published Apps with On-Demand Management

Today, managing and delivering apps across VDI, DaaS, and published app environments is incredibly stressful and complex—the number of users and desktops only proliferate across multiple clusters, clouds, and physical locations as organizations scale. Meanwhile, with silos of tools operating independently, IT inefficiencies reign.

HPE Storage Executive Updates at HQ

Join us for an exclusive storage update with HPE Executives. You’ll have a chance to preview the storage roadmap and provide feedback to HPE Executives followed by a tour of the HPE Customer Innovation Center with plenty of hands on technology exhibits. In addition, live storage demos will also be available.

KaaS Series: Making Passwords Legacy Tech with Passwordless Logins

Password policies, MFA, and biometrics have finally secured all our accounts, right? No! Compromising passwords through phishing, social engineering, and other nefarious methods are still one of the leading causes of security breaches. So how do we fix it? Passwordless Logins.

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