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During these trying times, we want to make sure our customers have the support that they need. Many companies are looking for help to facilitate their employees working from home. We can provide that help.  Tomorrow, March 18 at 2:30pm CDT, please join us for our webinar, “Enabling a Remote Workforce,” which will include tips on keeping your systems secure as well as industry best practices and real-world customer scenarios here. Our panel of experts will be available to answer questions. 
Sadly, scammers will try to take advantage of the confusion and fear related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Be aware of questionable email, in particular. Felipe Neto, our senior solutions architect, added timely details to his previously published article on Cybersecurity, which you can find
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Observability – 2020 buzz word or something more significant?
At Möbius Partners, observability is in our DNA.
Observability seems to be the fashionable term for what we used to call monitoring, but is it really that simple? Observability is much more than a word game when used in the IT Application / Service Delivery arena.  
A bit of history may help give a clear picture of Observability. As a concept, it originated in the mathematics subfield of control systems engineering. The study of Control Theory dates back to the 1870s when Edward Roth developed the idea of Controllability and Observability of sensor data as a continual feedback mechanism. They were recognized as key concepts that have evolved into manufacturing automation. The continuous, never-ending feedback concept reminds me of the Möbius loop, the never-ending edge that represents the infinity sign and the inspiration for our company’s name.
During the last 150 years, the Observability concept expanded from the manufacturing arena to include the current day Application Performance Management and Digital Omnichannel Solution areas. The transition from old-school monitoring of infrastructure (compute, network and storage) to an Observability posture implies differences in culture, technologists and underlying technology.
Observability dovetails into organizations that are practicing Agile development methodologies and are embracing Dev/Ops concepts for the SDLC. Observability as a culture is the degree to which a team or company values the ability to inspect and understand systems, their workloads and their behavior. Companies that have a strong observability culture often have specific observability teams, although they may not be named as such.
During this trying time, we want to help. Join us for a webinar to hear about top things to think about when enabling a remote workforce, best practices, and real customer scenarios. For more information about our webinar visit our website here.
Employees must be empowered to work when, where, and how they choose – with secure and seamless access to any app on any device. Learn more about our webinar here.
Being recognized by our peers as one of the top managed service providers (MSPs) in the country is a high honor, indeed. Learn more about the 2020 Managed Service Partner 500
 list here.
Wondering how to quickly accommodate a remote workforce during this COVID-19 pandemic? Our experts share their thoughts
and advice here.

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