MPmon v5.2 an Application Monitoring Utility

Ensuring Application Availability and Monitoring Hundreds of Software Instances Worldwide

What is monitoring your monitoring application?

The Mobius Partners monitoring (MPmon) utility ensures application availability by providing administrators with very flexible and comprehensive application exception detection and notification.

In the fast-paced business environment we live in, IT professionals, especially those who are mobile, find it difficult to quickly detect and resolve issues affecting application availability and end-user satisfaction.  MPmon solves this problem by automating the detection of application exceptions and delivering comprehensive exception details and status information to the appropriate IT staff members. As a result, data loss and delays in report delivery are minimized because problems are identified and eliminated quickly.

MPmon Product Lifecycle Support:

MPmon Version Support Lifecycle
v5.2.x Currently under support.
v5.1.x Support for this version ends Dec 31, 2020.
v5.0.x Support for this version ends Dec 31, 2019.
v4.x and earlier Support is no longer available.






MPmon Documentation links for v5.2.x:

Note: For previous versions of documentation, please contact MPmon Support.

MPmon Download links:

MPmon Support:
Möbius Partners
1711 Citadel Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78209
Note: Email MPmon Support to obtain a 60-day evaluation license.

Thank you for using MPmon. 


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